River of Flowers

By doffy

Treasures #1: the Box and Other Things

This is the collection of items I bought at the Car Boot yesterday.

The blue box is full of boxes which contain all sorts of wonderful jewellery making components, it also contains some lovely tools and other useful items - I'll blip a few of them tomorrow! I gave £5 for the blue box but it contains an amazing amount of useful and beautiful pieces.

The little piece of furniture with a single drawer cost £8, it has a beautiful glass door knob and I may use it to display my jewellery at the next sale!

The picture frame was bought off one of my Tai Chi chums, I paid £1 for it. The framed painting of Moelfre is almost the same position as my blip and was painted by a P Snow, I paid £2 for it. Finally the beautiful and inviting old book cost £1.

MrD and El P were up on the scaffolding all day attaching mesh to the chimney which will be plastered hopefully on Wednesday by Andrew P, brother of El P!

Another mild but cloudy day. After making bacon butties for the boys I spent all afternoon emptying compost bins into the big compost storage bin, emptying last year's leafmould into the compost bin, collecting leaves and tidying back the border opposite the lounge window.

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