By MsQuizzical

Rail. Thought S..t Might Be Railed Against

I visited RSPB Rye Meads reserve this afternoon. A man I met at the entrance had seen the kingfisher.

I visited the various hides in turn on the way to the Kingfisher Hide. Got a gorgeous male shoveler duck from the Draper Hide. Whilst in the Gadwall Hide I focused on a cormorant which looked as though it was going to take off. Got a lovely pic of it explosively defecating. :)

No sign of the kingfisher. :( I proceeded to the Warbler Hide. On the way I saw some droppings on the path and wondered if they could be otter spraint. I swapped lenses and took a macro. I have heard that spraint smells like violets so got down on my hands and knees and had a good sniff. I couldn't really smell anything which I think rules out fox. I have been asked to email my pics to the RSPB. They've got a droppings expert visiting this weekend. :)

My pic is of a juvenile moorhen, a member of the rail family.

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