OilMan's New Hangout

All it needs is a hammock and I'll never see him again....

OilMan spent three days moving and arranging his gardening tools in his new garden hut, or as we call it his shed. In fact that became something of a mantra between us and David when one of us had a tendency to over design it. Somebody would say..."It's a shed" and we'd stop talking about what color to paint the door or what kind of window it should have. As it turns out, it has no windows.

I went to Petaluma today with my friend Cindy who was looking for something for her newly landscaped garden. We went to a place called Heritage Salvage which has tons of old barn board, salvaged metal scales, roofing materials, cart wheels, birdbaths, windows and beautiful furniture made from all these random items. We had our dining table made by there. It was made for our tiny Sebastopol farmhouse but fits perfectly into our Santa Rosa open plan house.

We wandered out back to discover that the whole place is right on the Petaluma River which is filled by an old barge with a crane on it, which probably hasn't moved in the last three decades, and a bunch of pipes and piers attached to nothing. Hard to tell id it was part of the salvage yard or just a very neglected part of the river. There was just room for a kayak to pass by behind all the junk. I liked the juxtaposition of the kayak and the rusting barge, but wondered why anybody would want to paddle in these particular waters unless it was just because they could.

Our friends Skip (an elementary school nickname which he never outgrew) and Judy
came for dinner. They don't like to drive after dark, so they came early we had to hustle to get everything on the table and eaten before nighttime closed in. We all would have liked to tarry around the dinner table for a bit longer, but advancing age requires certain accommodations that we all understand.

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