Morning Pancake

I'm finding at the moment that I'm not sleeping as well as I normally do. It took me ages to pass out last night and then I was awake with the first light of dawn this morning. I guess my head is too busy, not that that is anything that normally stops me sleeping like a log! At least now the clocks have changed it's possible to get out on the moor for a run before work. That made for a great start to the day, being up high under brilliant early sunshine. It's been pretty much been all downhill since then ... in every sense.

I've got to go grab a bite to eat and then get back down to it, but here's another interesting link to pursue. This is again from PetaPixel, an article I became aware of through the forum here. It's an analysis of the hauntingly modern portrait of the Lincoln assassination co-conspirator Lewis Powell, a photograph taken almost 150 years ago but looks like it could have been taken yesterday. Absolutely fascinating. Click here.

Thanks everyone for your appreciation of Gelinda - in more respects than one! I really appreciate all your kindness and generosity :)

PS Other shots of the Pancake Stone

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