By MsQuizzical

Pee(wit)ing Down

I didn't get out with the camera until late afternoon when it was nearly dark and pouring with rain. Where to go for pics? Fishers Green, I could hide from the rain in the Bittern Hide and hopefully shoot ducks. :)

A flock of lapwings was wheeling over Seventy Acres Lake, their black and white plumage shape-shifting as they banked and soared. The name comes from the Old English word hleapewince, which means ‘leap with a flicker in it’ referring to the patterns they make in flight. I could see them perfectly through the lens but unfortunately my 100-400 lens couldn't. :( When I looked at the back of the camera the screen was completely black. Such a shame as I love shooting wildlife early and late. I've rescued the pic as well as I am able. I like the dead tree. The Northern Plover, also known as the Peewit and the Green Plover, is on the RSPB Red List. I have witnessed their decline in the Dengie Hundred. I was interested to learn that they like to feed at night by moonlight.

Afterwards I got absolutely soaked shooting wildfowl from the pontoon with my 2.8 lenses but by then they were also appealing against the light.

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