did our hearts good to see this morning.
But it was only after lunch that Piet Hein went to the sea and I started my cycle tour. Of course we had hoped that the weather would stay good for the whole day but that was not the case. There blew a wind and it was cold. Why had I not taken my gloves and perhaps a hat?
I cycled through Madestein and the Uithof park and from there it is not very far to the cityfarm in Wateringen. It had been a long time ago that I had come that far.
Furtively I had counted on some autumnal coloured view, there was none and the light had not been too good too if there had been some.
The cityfarm was deserted more or less, an old man was sitting on a bench with a tabby cat folded in his arms, the cat was sleeping.
The donkey stared ominous to the ground, the goats and sheep busy eating, the horse around the corner of the little shed, the pig was free today to ramble and the sign said that h/she could bite.
The peacock and -hens had my preference as subjects. I noticed that the peacock had not longer a long beautiful dragging tail, but a frayed short one.
I loved my tour, but was glad when it ended and could drink some hot tea, have a little nap and choose my picture for today.
Yesterday evening I had started to see the film Wir Wunderkinder on you tube and finished it this morning. A movie in black and white that I had seen when I was young and I was surprised how much of it I remembered clearly. It covered the time from 1913 till the Wirtschaftswunder after the world war II.
Today the terrible events, that happened the 9 of november 1938 in Germany, the fires of synagogues, shops and houses of jewish citizens and their ill-treatments, are remembered.
And no end will ever come to the atrocities humans are doing as if they are their birthrights.

My haiku:

We live in peace now
Want to live in peace forever
Peace inside as well

And the proverb:

Die kwaad wordt, heeft dubbel werk, wil h/zij weer goed worden.

Translation: S/he who gets angry, has double work, before s/he will be good again.

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