I am seizing up as I write this.
I think the Paracetamol will definitely be needed!
We met Mrs Z, Mr K and his brother Mr M, Mrs C and all the children at Frosts near Milton Keynes for some festive ice-skating.
It's been about twenty five years since I took to the ice!
I used to be pretty good but unfortunately I discovered it's not like riding a bike!!
After about ten minutes of staggering around the side with Miss E I managed to find my feet a bit and actually skate around.
Miss E did pretty well but Miss L was a bit glued to the edge so we got her a sea lion zimmer frame thing that she could sit on while I pushed her round.
She loved it. I worked up a sweat and felt like I was about to have a heart attack!
Mr K - who had never been ice skating before - spent about half an hour clinging to the edge saying he couldn't do it. Then when I couldn't push Miss L anymore he bravely took over and managed to push her and stay upright. I was very proud!
The other Mr K and Mr M had the right idea - offering moral support and bag/coat holding services from the safety of dry, solid, non-slippy land!
In the end all the kids did really well. A few falls, a few tears but mostly they loved it.
And Mrs Z and I may have enjoyed it a little too much as we pretty much abandoned the children and showed off some moves!!
Miss E is already planning her visit to Oxford ice rink where her Mummy spent many happy hours as a child.
When my physio told me about exercises to help with my various ailments ice skating is probably not what she had in mind!
Hauling children up from the ice, pushing giant plastic sea lions and attempting spins has not done my neck, shoulder, hip or ankle much good!
But who cares? It was fab!

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