A time for everything

By turnx3


We're back! Roger and I went up to Cape Cod with our pop-up camper. It was quite a trek - 950 miles each way! The weather was pretty good, dry and mainly sunny, though a little on the cool side the second half of the week. But we were able to spend a couple of afternoons on the beach the first few days, did quite a bit of biking, walked several trails and just general sightseeing. It's such a beautiful part of the country. We had been twice before - once about ten years ago, with the kids and Roger's parents, and the previous time over 20 years ago, when our eldest daughter (now 26) was just two, and I was pregnant with Philip! We actually got back Monday afternoon, but I've been busy catching up with things, and in any case, the weather since our return has been grey and wet, not exactly conducive to picture-taking. I went swimming at the fitness center today, and managed to snap this picture in the park on the way home, in a lull between the showers. They're promising us better things for Sunday and after, thank goodness!

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