By Brotographer


Taking photos on other cameras when they have different aspect ratios... Should teach me to not be lazy with lugging my camera around. Thanks Lia for this one. Lia, Frankie and Adrien, left to right. Here's me on the other side of the couch.


Slow start to the day, with Anu and Eve relaxing in my room. Highlight was definitely getting food from the Grub Hub. Had a dynamic meeting with the BDR crew to sort out christmas and get headshots done. Nothing special to report, but I’m glad its the only thing I have to work on this break, seeing as I won’t have much time to dedicate!

Then met up with Adrien and Sam for drinks at terrace bar, where Lia and Frankie joined us as well. Tonight was the fourth boots n cats, and since I’d missed the previous two but still had great memories from the first one, Emma and me decided to go. We passed by a small party at her friend Tom Hiscock's first, which was fun, then headed to the Assembly Back Room. Cool venue, dark and fitting. Great tunes, although it ended up being a short night for me. Still, if you're reading this Mikel, keep the bnc nights going man!


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