Peewit Island #2

I wandered down to the estuary this afternoon hoping for some light but not being too confident of my luck. With the tide out I found myself heading up river to this favourite place. I think I last blipped this little tree about a year ago but it's worth doing more often I think. With all the rain we've had the pools at the back were full and that made a good foreground. This is the last shot I got before rain drops on the filter which I didn't realise until a few shots later. Time for the uphill walk home and a cup of tea methinks.

We're out partying tonight, I'd better take a guitar because it's one of those where you have to sing for your supper (you don't have to but you know me).

Do have a look at this des res that I pass on the way, but make sure you look at the background.

Hope your day's been good and you're set up for the weekend.


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