popping out

As ably demonstrated previously elsewhere it is not vital to have access to bi-coloured or polarising spectacles to generate the illusion of three dimensions in an image. Go large, cross your eyes, concentrate on the leaf but try and stay as far back as you can get before your binocular accommodation kicks back in. It works much more easily than the scene I attempted yesterday and didn't post but I shall return to that at some point to try and get it to work, possibly using today's new glass if I decide to keep it. Didn't get much chance to test it today after popping to fetch it so tomorrow's morning walk in, lunchwalk and evening walk home shall be fairly busy. Tomorrow looks like it might be finished at the normal time unless anything weird and strange crops up. Two weeks appears to be at the upper limit of holiday-length after which the tasks fully occupying the mind prior to departure seem distant and hazy upon return, so I shall try and remember to type myself an email throughout the day telling my future self what I'm doing with various things and why in the hope that it'll get the working memory back up and running a bit sooner when I read it back.

Caught Toy Story in 3D at the cinema this evening as I missed it when it was first released in 2D. Seeing it bigger helps for the details like the titles of the books on the shelf but the added stereoscopicity just reduces the already-small effort required to imagine the images depicted as representing solid objects; it doesn't add much, though certainly does no harm. If anything it emphasizes the importance of seeing things at the cinema when they're first released.

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