A bit of a surprise!!!

Woo hoo .... 500!!!!! I'm beyond surprised I've lasted this long.

I had calculated that tomorrow was going to be my 500th blip ... but as I was uploading today, realised that it is actually today. Oh my, totally caught off guard and have had to do an 'emergency' 500 blip ... which has been really fun to create.

I was hoping that SweetArt would have kicked into action and produced something more exciting ... but this is another form of sweet art! Martin was out and about during his lunch hour and found my favourite chocolates (originally from Austria) right here in Hong Kong and I'm absolutely ecstatic, delighted, excited, over the moon. So I've incorporated them here in the middle, they are Mozart chocolates blipped here last June.

Added to the Mozarts are the delicious Lindts that Martin's colleagues brought us when they came for Christmas tea on Dec 28th. Let it be known that much tasting was happening when this blip was being assembled. Just wanted to make sure they were all still good ... really helped with the 'downer' I'm in at the moment.

So I've made it to 500! I'm so thrilled that I have found so many new friends around the world through blip, that I can journal what I do everyday and pick up one special aspect from it and that you folk take time to comment and encourage me. Thanks to my darling big sister Gadgetkid for getting me onto Blipfoto. I resisted at first, but found I could actually be disciplined about something for a change! Wish our other sister would blip as well.

Thank you again for your time and love and encouragement. Much appreciated, always.

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