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Silbury Hill

I noticed the other day that my One Year Ago blip was of a newly moated (thanks to loads of rain) Silbury Hill, and as we've had the odd shower here recently I thought I'd go and check it out again. I took three dozen pictures as I walked around it but at the time of writing I've only had time to process the first dozen, and I am trying, with difficulty, to post on the actual day, but the rest will turn up in the set linked to below in the fullness of time.

Afterwards, I went on to Marlborough to do some shopping and look for a cheese grater to replace one I recently broke. Amongst all the cafés and trendy gift shops, and despite exploring from one end to the other and back, nothing sold anything as basic as kitchen utensils, and I flaggingly settled in Waitrose for a free cappuccino. As I returned to Archie at 1800 hr with my grocery purchases, I found Kitchenmonger on the High Street, opposite the shop were I'd bought the new Children's TV stamps of Dougal, Paddington and Shaun The Sheep. Next time...

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Blip #1147
Consecutive Blip #009
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A Walk Around Silbury Hill, 9 January 2014 (Flickr set)

Silbury Hill series
Bleeding Obvious Wiltshire series

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