One click at a time

By KeithKnight

January Challenge - Sharp

Day 17 of DDW's January daily challenge - Sharp

A frustrating end to the day, having sent an email yesterday morning to get someone to come in to work next week, he finally responded at 3PM, just as I was beginning to tidy things up ready for the weekend. So, I ended up having to raise permits to work, book parking spaces etc. before I left. Then I managed to find a feature (that's the current buzz word for what everyone else calls a bug) in the permit to work form, so I couldn't submit it. The guy who had designed it couldn't find the issue, then I suggested that I removed a pair of quotes from the title. he said it wouldn't make any difference. I did it anyway and hey, presto!, it all worked. Exactly a week after diagnosing an issue with Windows Media caused by an illegal character in a name, a different illegal character was upsetting Excel. That's 2 consecutive weeks that illegal characters have prevented me leaving on time. I finished a mere half hour later than I had hoped and went out to face the traffic jams.

I was good though, no-one got the sharp end of my tongue, so you'll have to put up with a needle. No haystacks around, so it should be easier for you to spot! Why red cotton? - everyone knows a photograph needs A Red Patch Somewhere.

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