Chick Flick

By Flick

Not A VerY Good Hangover Cure.

I dragged myself out of bed today I feel a little unwell I can't think why either.
Some would say it was self-inflicted but I prefer that I 'gave' of myself so much yesterday.
Today was 'Father's Day' so Abigail and Henry arrived (far to early groan) to hand over a present to Camera Shy. Henry did 'cutting with scissors' which involves cutting todays newspaper and large fresh expensive sheets of A3 paper into very small pieces on the sitting room floor. The pieces are still there and there they will remain until furthur notice.
Anyway due to the late/early visit of my son Ed yesterday, I found myself having to go to his Digs in Leicester to pick up more 'stuff'.
We picked up his 'stuff' and Sarah and Ed looked so rudely healthy (surely it should be the other way around?)
We come back very slowly and stopped of at Foxton Locks which was heaving with people ALL without hangovers. One horrid child hit Cameraa Shy on the back of his legs. ( I must admit I sniggered at that)
Anyway I took some pics.
We came home and I waffled about a bit, cooked supper and made Camera Shy choose my picture (out of a shortlist).

Like Hiraeth I'm very much on 'catch-up' at the moment, bear with me and I'll get there in the end.
Thank You for listening this is so boring I've bored myself aswell.

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