By Angelique


The above song title is from Chicago, my favourite band from the 70's. Ahead of their time and inspired many to follow.

This is the finished piece of stain glass before I take it tomorrow to be mounted on the top of the mirror in an Ash wooden frame. Thought you might like to see it.

The camera has picked up a lot of green/yellow in the fluorescent glass. Normally it is pinky/purple but it explodes into many colours. I like the way the darkening blue sky is shining through the "jewels" as they are called.

It has been very cold here today in the wind and because I didn't feel well this afternoon, Phoebe and I stayed in the warm.

She is a totally different dog when Mr A arrives home. She greets him as though he's been away for weeks and is full of cuddles for him. Amazing when you think he wanted to leave home at the thought of us owning another dog!! Now he's totally smitten.

Work was awful, nearly 2 hours of email filing on the database!! At one point I nearly fell off my chair with boredom. I have set a target of retiring in September but it will depend on whether we can sell the house. I just hope someone loves it as much as we do.

Hope you have all got through another day unscathed. Redflash had no train delays. Dave in France made his boundaries secure and tidy, and Mr Schorschi managed to get his tractor to co-operate. I could go on but as we all travel through our days, we all have something to overcome.

You are all wished a peaceful good night. Thank you for reading my day. XX

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