By Angelique


Thankyou for all the kind comments on yesterday's stain glass piece. And today, in desperation, I bring you this week's creation. It is a silk scarf that I have made for a friend. I dont make these very often because I have to be in the creative mood. They are also quite labour intensive and take up the entire table. So before I start my next stain glass project which I commenced today at class, I thought I had better get on with this.

I wanted to post another flood shot of the continuing water rising on the Somerset Levels which have now made the national headlines but as i had a passenger with me, we were pushed for time.

I wonder when it will ever stop raining and I'm glad I dont live anywhere near a river. In fact always make a point of buying a property on higher ground.

Hope your Friday has been good and that the weekend is special for us all. As it is already after midnight, I will make this brief.

Sending love to you all, especially fellow blip friends over the sea, trying to cope in extreme cold weather. We are fortunate here, if all this rain was snow?!!!

Be strong, be bold, life is not a rehearsal, we only get one shot at this and dont put off for tomorrow something you should be doing today!! xx

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