Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Stained Glass #2

This goes along with this from last year.

After another wonderfully relaxed morning which saw ALL the ironing done (!) and a typical light weekend lunch, we headed out to do a few things. It was obvious from the time left that a long drive was not going to take place, so we went to Wafi to collect tickets to an Abba tribute concert. A bunch of us girls are going on 13th Feb. I've been wanting to photograph this with a DSLR since then and had a go except it was too late in the day and the light was streaming through. Try again another time!

Got everything we wanted done and pleased that I *MAY* actually get to bed by 11 tonight; which is really something for me! Tired and I need to be ready for a new week at work. So till tomorrow...

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