Wild Night is Calling

I dashed out this morning because I knew that the rain was coming in and it would be here to stay. There are various warnings for coastal areas once again and it seems as though Somerset is going to get it again, poor souls.

It started to rain as I got up the hill and although I took my big camera, I decided I could move faster with the little NEX. I blipped a wonky sign a bit like this a while back but was pleased to see this one with the gorse flowering in front of it. I had to wait for a dog walking couple to clear out of the way and got a suspicious glower for my patience.

Thank you all for your supportive comments on my sore finger. I went up to the acoustic jam last night and one of the people who follow my blips on FaceBook asked about it. I showed it to a recently retired general Nurse who I was sure would have said I should have a skin graft or stitches said she could hardly see it! Hmm? Anyway, I managed to play OK without getting too much blood on the guitar neck, I'm pleased to say.

My title comes from the Van Morrison song 'Wild Night'. I'm all settled in for the night, hope you are too.


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