By TynvdB

Waiting at the surfline...

My early morning swimming-round changes my fatigue into wellness-feeling. That’s why I can’t miss this opportunity. Today I compensated my continuous disciplined effort with a dolce far niente floating in the undeep warm water-basin. At least for a short time... Floating by paddling and staring to the high ceiling, such a delightful relief…

During the day I repeatedly tried to find back this inner feeling of relaxedness. But apart from a few completely carefree moments at the beach I did not succeed in finding back - or again - that deep feeling of peacefulness. And I assure you, that I will “not rest” before I’m doing all my exercises in a way that gives that deep smiling feeling. And that includes taking pictures, uploading after selection, and writing these lines in a slightly spiritual way.

She, Admirer, who always tries to help me, says that I shouldn’t want to pursue so many goals. I’m so ambitious, too high are all my aspirations….indeed: I want it all….call it adventure, surprising new experiences, "limited" chaos, serendipity, self-increasing love in creative process.

And then finally, what’s the outcome? Look, some seagulls standing between the rough seashore and a sandy spit that keeps the inner water calm... Waiting, sometimes flying up and down, but then again: waiting..for what? for what to come? For some gift brought by the endless sea? Do they ask themself if they could miss the opportunity? Ever seen a seagull smiling...? Or, you know what? Perhaps they don't stand there waiting at all; but are standing there just being part of that big gully smile of the surf..

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