H is for... Happiness


Here is the new addition to the family, meet Effie, she came to our daughters home yesterday afternoon already named and the boys didn't want to change it, Cobey saw her advertised on the net in foster care looking for a good home, having been spotted in the dog pound by the foster care assoc. she is 12 weeks old.

Everyone is besotted with her, she is off to a good start, next weekend her puppy classes begin, they are letting her settle in for now, still laying on the bed and surrounded by the toys she came with given to her by the foster carer also lots of new toys and new bed just bought for her.

Apparently she had a lot of visitors this morning and was quite worn out when we arrived, she didn't wake up for us at all while we were there, this is the best shot I could get with Jacob not moving far from her side eagerly waiting for her to wake up..
She slept well last night with little fuss, and woke at 6.30am..
Watch this space for developments on this cute little puppy..

Cobey was saying "he would like to scatter Gosha's ashes on her Birthday in April at her favourite Beach spot when she was young enough to frolic in the ocean" although Sara hasn't completely made her mind up on this yet? A delicate subject.
Sara is happy with the puppy though and says she has filled a big gap for her.
Effie has big paws to fill, in more ways than one ....

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