Rain? What rain?

What a curious winter. We have had no snow (at least, here in the south east of England) and, indeed, virtually no frost. But we have had more than enough rain.

Yet today, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was lovely out. I hope the rain continues to hold off so that those poor, flood-stricken areas of the country can start to recover.

The area where this dog-walker is out for an afternoon stroll is also something of a surprise. It is next to an industrial estate, behind a housing estate, and could so easily have become untidy wasteland and an unofficial rubbish dump. However, all credit to the local council who have turned it into a park and nature reserve. They maintain it well, keeping the grass down, trimming and thinning the trees, providing and emptying rubbish bins. Even today (Sunday) there was a groundsman there clearing dead wood and generally tidying up.

It is good to see people enjoying the area.

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