A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Life on Coppice Pond.

Another lovely sunny and springlike day so we started our spring/ summer routine of taking a leisurely walk around Coppice Pond in the St Ives Estate. This gives us (Chris and I) the chance to take in the changes if the seasons and an excuse to go to Lady B's cafe for a coffee.

There were lots of gulls and it was nice to get a close up study of them. Canadian Geese, noisy as ever and doing lots of preening. The ducks were either sleeping or swimming and it was nice to observe a coot preening itself next to the pond fish sculpture. As ever the Greylag came steaming into view, I never cease to be impressed by him/her. It seems to have attached itself to a couple of Canada geese.

It was nice to take time to,just enjoy the wildlife without the presence of dogs and to take out time. Lots of dogs in Lady B's though but all very well behaved.

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