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River Aire 7

We have had an excursion into the East Riding of Yorkshire today ( yes it does still exist!)

To a village called Airmyn. Myn means mouth so this is the mouth of the River Aire which starts way back in North Yorkshire in the Yorkshire Dales NP, travels most of its journey through West Yorkshire and ends here in the East Riding.

I had never heard of Airmyn before, when we studied the Aire at Primary school we went to Goole Docks to see the end of the Aire but more correctly it ends here where it meets the River Ouse. You can see the Aire on the left and the Ouse joining it from ahead in this shot. The broadened Ouse then continues to the right and after a few miles it combines with the River Trent coming from the south and forms the Humber Estuary.

In the background you can see Drax power stations and in the far distance there is another, not sure which, maybe Selby.

This plain east of the Pennines is a hub of power stations joined now by wind turbines as you can see.

You can see the water bubbling as the rivers meet but we are pretty sure that the river is tidal here and the tide seemed to be coming in. The muddy river banks were very high and the footpath we were following was atop a high bank running along the length of the river in the village, presumably to.otect the houses and land. The spot where I was standing to take this showed signs of regular inundation.

There weren't many facilities in the village so we went on a couple of miles to Howden which is a lovely old town complete with a Minster dating back to the 8th century. We found a tea room and had home made soup and tea.

A lovely sunny venture into a less familiar area of Yorkshire. Lots of signs of spring but still a bitingly cold wind!

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