A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Snow fell all night so the proposed walk which required driving was cancelled and we walked up through Badger Wood, Deepcliffe and onto Harden Moor in continuing snow. It was magical to say the least, especially in the woods.

You can see the depth of the snow on the branches but up on the moor it was about 4 inches/10cm deep.

Apart from streams and puddles the moor became quite featureless and therefore difficult to navigate but we intrepid four led by my neighbour D made it down into the hamlet of Ryecroft and then back to the village.

Our first real snow walk this year and it's March! Loved it!

I chose my blip as I love the heavily laden, arching tree but there were many others making it difficult to choose so I've made a Flickr album
here if you are interested.

It snowed most of the morning but is raining now. Excitement over - Happy Weekend everyone.

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