Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

The sun returns

I overslept a bit, and didn't get down to work until 7.00, but by 9.15 I had enough more completed and uploaded to keep the client happy. A return email saying he was feeling under the weather and wouldn't immediately be able to proof-read was all the excuse I needed to catch my breath and relax a bit for the rest of the day. I made some further progress, uploaded more material, caught some kip, and now am ready to face into the late hours of tonight and early hours of tomorrow until the job is complete, which should take until 5.30 am or so.

Meanwhile I actually managed to get out for a little stroll in the late-evening sunshine [!!!], which perked me up nicely. Even if the forecast is right and the bit of sun we saw today is not destined to stay with us long-term, it was pleasant to take a short ramble and enjoy the bright sky and the fine evening light.

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