Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


The other Marjorie and I met up for one of our irregular coffee shop get togethers today. We talked about all sorts of things from Ukraine to Serbia to Robert Graves (Greek myths) and The Trinity (Melvyn Bragg). We are both planning to see the National Theatre King Lear with Simon Russell Beale when it comes to the cinema and I sold M a ticket for Oh What a Lovely War.

M had noticed the following words outside the local cinema about Lear: An aged king decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, according to which of them is most eloquent in praising him. His favourite, Cordelia, says nothing. Lear’s world descends into chaos. M is interested in the use of the word eloquent in relation to praise. Deep stuff.

I know that in this image she looks lost in her own thoughts, but she was in the middle of a repertoire of very different expressions for me and my camera.

I nearly left this in colour because her specs are blue with red inside, but I like the mono result too. Good friends are very important in our lives.

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