How to hold a camera

A day off decorating today (well, I can't be expected to do decorating two days in a row, can I?).

At last we got to visit the superb exhibition as the National Portrait Gallery: "Bailey's Stardust", featuring some 250 images by David Bailey. It lived up to all the hype. Wonderful portraits. Most of the subjects were of very familiar faces - many of them familiar from my youth (eg pictures of '60s pop stars and artists). So many of the images have become classics - it makes you realise just how successful David Bailey has become over the 50 years of his career. After looking at all the famous faces, my wife suggested that if you didn't appear on the walls of that exhibition, then you obviously weren't important. (Interestingly, that doesn't say much for the royal family who were noticeable by their absence - except for a second hand reference in one image, which included a picture on the wall of Prince Charles and Princess Ann in their youth). A very enjoyable couple of hours.

Afterwards, sitting in a sunny Trafalgar Square watching the passers by, I was amused by these examples of other people taking photographs. The young lady is holding her camera very delicately, while the guy with the iPad looks really quite awkward, with his arm almost crossed.. Great device though the iPad is, I really think it looks silly as a camera.

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