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By walkingMarj

At Threlkeld Mining Museum

After another excellent breakfast, the group split up and went our various ways.

I had decided to call at Threlkeld Mining Museum because other people had been there and raved about it. By the time I arrived there was a cold, damp wind which chilled me through. Once I found my way into the engine shed I felt better. The staff are very obliging, as long as you promise not to touch anything.

Here is the detail of the end of one bench. There are nuts, bolts, screws, vices, railway lights, clocks, - no I won't try to go on - the place is packed with lovely rusty bits and pieces mainly in very low light. Here is one image I captured. I've used a touch of HDR to deal with the light from the window. I hope I given a hint of nostalgia for railway enthusiasts.

Back home. Time to start recovering.

Yesterday's image was on the spotlight page along with 2 others from LPH. Mine didn't last long, but theirs are still there. Derwentwater at dawn and Solway oyster beds.

Looking forward to next visit to LPH.

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