such, such were the joys.

By Chaps100

Orchestra: day five. Concert.


So today was concert day and it went rather nicely. I met in Worthing with some friends who are also in the orchestra, we went to ASK and I had a Calzone Pizza for the first time. It was quite nice, except there wasn't really much filling, and the pancetta was still half raw (some people like it like that, but I'm a carnivore who really should be classed as a vegetarian. I'll only enjoy the meat if it, in no way whatsoever, resembles meat. It has to be black and practically Carbon). Anyway, that was quite nice as a lunch - especially seeing as we didn't get long before the concert this time. I managed to get a bit of Capriccio practise in aswell before the majority of people turned up for the main rehearsal.

The concert itself was good, but it could have been better. Quite a few entries were missing and someone (not naming any names, of course) managed to pluck an open e string right in the middle of the opening of Nimrod. And I had such a hard time from stopping myself from laughing, one of the hardest things I've ever had to keep a straight face for.

My solos went as well as I wanted, which was splendid. There's nothing worse for a musician than not being happy with solos, especially since you can't re-do them or start again. My violin teacher didn't manage to make it to the concert, but he came to our rehearsal which was a nice bit of encouragement beforehand. I know that Capriccio's not the hardest of violin solos, but it's actually the first major one I've had with any orchestra, so it was quite a big deal for me. And, oh my, was I nervous!

Anyway, afterwards, two of my friends from my old school who had come to the concert stayed over, and we watched a film and ate pizza. I love seeing these people, but it got to one o'clock in the morning and I just wanted to go to sleep - so it was a bit tough. I'm sure everyone experiences this too; one of my favourite quotes still has to be: 'the problem with society is that it contains people'. I love all of my friends infinitely, but only up to a certain point are they tolerable. Now, I'm sure it's not only me who feels like this, so I feel fairly safe writing it here! Apologies to any friends who may happen to stumble upon this; I do love you really.

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