Wedding Anniversary

Two years ago I was lucky enough to marry the lovely Mr K. It was such a magical day.
I can't believe it's been two years already!
Mr K wasn't working today so we dropped the Little Misses off with my mum this morning and then headed to Upton House, a lovely National Trust place near Banbury.
Normally from Bicester I would head up the M40 but for some reason I told Mr K to go the back way. It took twice as long but obviously my sub-conscious had been at work because our route took us past the Thai Orchid restaurant which I just happened to remember does an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch.
And as luck would have it there was a parking space right outside.
11.50am - too early for lunch?
So we hung around about a bit until they opened at noon and went in and ate all we could. It was yummy!!
We rolled back to the car and headed to Upton House. It's a really lovely property - owned in the 1930s by the founder of Shell and it's set up for a 1930's weekend party.
I wish I was a millionaire in a beautiful big house with servants......
But I am a lucky woman. I have a lovely husband, two beautiful children, wonderful family and friends and a life that makes me happy.
In my wedding vows I told Mr K that meeting him had made my life unimaginably more complete than it had been before.
It was true then and it's true now.
I love you Mr K.

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