Three Years

Three years ago today I married Mr K. What a wonderful day!
I've just re-read our vows and it doesn't seem five minutes since I was stood in front of all our lovely friends and families, shaking like a leaf and trying not to cry as I said them!
I can't believe it's been three years already.
But I can't imagine not being married to Mr K!!
I woke up to a Chanel bag on my pillow which is always a treat! Chance - Eau Fraiche which is what I wore on our wedding day and have worn almost every day since. It never fails to make me happy!
The Little Misses and I had a lazy morning - mostly spent up the apple tree for one of us!
After lunch I headed over to Bicester to drop them off with Nana and Uncle D and then it was to Milton Keynes for the train and a fabulous evening out with my lovely husband.
I have to confess that after nine years and two children the days of me waiting for Mr K with a racing heart and butterflies are a thing of the past. But this afternoon as I stood at the top of the escalator at Euston waiting for him to come up from the underground I felt like I did before our first date! Nervous, excited, giddy!!! It was wonderful!
We walked from Euston towards Oxford Street. It was warm sunny and London was looking it's glorious best. We even held hands!!!
When we got to Great Russell Street I remembered the British Museum was just around the corner and we headed in for a quick cup of tea before it closed.  I love it in there - the light, the hushed acoustics under the roof. The tea!!!
We carried on wandering - Shaftesbury Avenue, Leicester Square, Soho, Covent Garden (where we discovered St Paul's churchyard - how did I not know that was in there, such an oasis!) Followed by an amazing Thai feast for dinner. With Chang of course - Cheers Miss T!!!
Then we carried on wandering down to the river. We shamelessly took selfies on Hungerford Bridge and then dawdled up the South Bank to Blackfriars. It was magical watching dusk fall and all the lights coming on. Just gorgeous!
By the time we got to Blackfriars my poor feet had had enough so we jumped on the underground and headed for Euston and home.
What a wonderful day. We're very lucky!

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