Ooo, bet that hurt!

It was the Individual Day at the British Orienteering Champs today, held in Thrunton Woods and Callaly. My course was long, 5.9k, with 200m of climb, very physical and technically challenging. My short legs struggled particularly on the bilberry covered steep hillsides! I made a couple of poor route choices, choosing to contour around a tough hill instead of dropping down to a track, and my aim to complete within two hours was exceeded by a couple of minutes. However a look at the results showed that even the top women on my course had been out over ninety minutes so I am pleased with my finish position of 13th out of 28. Tony also finished in 13th place.

Afterwards we were both so shattered we decided against our original plan of driving back to the coast and I took several hundred blips of orienteers finishing. This one is of two youngsters battling around a very tight turn when one of them came a cropper. He was up on his feet in a flash and the contest continued in to the finish field.

On another note, THANKYOU to everyone who starred and faved my puffins blip yesterday, I was overwhelmed to see it in Spotlight when we got back to our B & B today. Slow wi Fi prevents me from uploading anymore puffin blips and, more importantly, thanking everyone at this stage. It will have to wait till we are back home.

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