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By keibr

The lawn as a meadow!

Away from home for 13 days and the lawn goes mad. It sits there under the snow all winter, then appears totally dead when the snow melts. Greenness appears and it grows really slowly as the spring warms up and then suddenly it's almost too long to cut. As spring turns into summer the combination of warm sunny days, rain, and 20 hours of daylight means the grass and flowers go mad and shoot upwards.
This is not a good time to be away...
We arrived home to find our "lawn" was a meadow with grass 30 cm high and dandelions competing with cowslips to stay ahead of the grass.
So this is how it looked this morning as I set out to work.
Work was fairly hectic as I caught up after being away and tried to find a solution to a very popular finishing ceremony needing a room about a third bigger than the largest lecture hall we possess and being only two days away! (I think I have an answer....)
This evening some ruthless cutting was in order and the lawnmower worked very hard, even on its highest setting. But the grass is cut, the dandelions mowed down, and the cowslips allowed to blossom as I carefully mowed around them.
If it doesn't rain tomorrow I'll repeat the process to get the grass a little shorter, but the forecast is not hopeful for me.
Finally up-to-date with my blips - see backblips yesteray and the day before. At the weekend I'll try to catch up on some comments too - apologies to all my usual contacts.

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