Journey Through Time

By Sue

St Johns Bridge and Cathedral Park

First let me say that our day started off with news of a school shooting in Portland. Well, just outside of Portland not far from where my aunt lives, on the east side of the city. I have no idea why people want to solve their problems by shooting someone and then themselves. It's such a tragic waste. And yet...and yet we cannot come up with a plan to control weapons in this country that doesn't totally freak out the people who think it's their God given right to have heat seeking missiles in their personal collection that is equal to any small nation's defense department.

I wanted to put something else up, but the photo just wasn't all that great. Ten more photos of our little trip over to St. Johns to see our son's apartment are on my flickr page. I wanted to do the black and white cafe image, but decided it was just kind of a mess. We visited with David and then Bill and I walked around the center of St. Johns which was kind of fun. We went into Patties Home Plate Cafe and it is an interesting looking place. Kendal of Kendal is Here had taking a really nice shot of the interior sometime in the past, (I couldn't find it to link to it) and I tried to go for that look, but it is harder to take candid shots with a big camera instead of a camera phone. So, after snooping around we came home. I've spent too much time messing around on the computer and Bill is, of course, puttering outside.

I need to do something else. See you guys later.

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