By Veronica

Suddenly it's summer

It's been a long time coming. But suddenly it's that time of year when we close the shutters during the day and fling the windows wide after dark to let the cool night air flow through the house. We abandon the duvet and sleep with just a sheet. Mystère decides the coolest place in the house is the bath, and duly sleeps there during the day, saving his energy for the night of the full moon (a big red one this evening). Barbecues in the garden are the rule. And suddenly there are butterflies everywhere. At the moment, nearly all of them are marbled whites, flocks of them. I've blipped these a few times before, so I decided to fiddle with the photo a bit this time. Also, it was windy so it's not that sharp -- but for once I managed to catch the upper side of its wings.

In the evening it clouded over, still hot and humid; instead of having a barbecue we decided to kick off the weekend with dinner at the local restaurant for the first time in months -- excellent as usual. So happy weekend blipmates!

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