Home is ...

... where the Vizsla is.

Very chuffed to find this little Cousteau model at a little shop last weekend. I finally found a place for him; getting inappropriately close to the statue we had on the top of our wedding cake. Just like the real deal; if there's a lap to be sat on, then Cousteau sees it as his job to sit on it.

I processed some of our wedding photos this morning and then off to lunch with Helen, my sis-in-law. They've got a little puppy, Dex, who bothered the ever gentle Cousteau to breaking point. There was growling. There were teeth. There was squealing. No harm done, just a young puppy put in his place by one who's lived a bit more life. I put Cousteau back in the car in the end to give him a break!

Home to a cold house. Blustery outside but cosy once the heater's been on for a while.

Night all.

~The Barkings~

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