Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

Alva Games

Or, as they like to style themselves, The Famous Alva Games.

This was 158th running of the Games but, I think, the first time I had visited them. The day started overcast although dry, but ended in a heavy downpour. The highlight - maybe what business-people would call the Unique Selling Point, or USP - of the Alva Games is the Hill Race, where athletes run up Torry (the pointed hill on the right of this photograph) and back to the Games field. The record is a little over 18 minutes and this year's winner took just over 21 minutes to get to the top and back.

But, for me, what was even more remarkable than the Hill Race itself is that there is a Junior Hill Race, as well as Under-14 and Under-12 Hill Races. In these age-limited events, the athletes run part-way up Torry to marker flags and back. I just couldn't get my head round the idea of Under-12s running up a steep slope and back - apparently the youngest competitor was just 7 years old! - but I saw it with my own eyes and have the pictures to prove it. Full respect to these boys and girls and men and women for their endeavours and athleticism.

Otherwise, there were the usual foot races, cycle races, heavy events (including Tossing the Caber) and a pipe band to entertain us. Oh, and the shows which were doing good business for those wanting a break from the action on the field. Despite the weather, it was a fine day out.

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