mono monday motion in the ocean (river)

Well, this is a tidal river . . . motion, ocean - I just could not resist!
Thinking of what to do was difficult until I remembered Steven affords me the opportunity of photographing 'motion' every day when he maneuvers his boat on the river, to and from Lucas Boatworks. I called him around 4pm and asked him to let me know when he was hopping in the boat -20 minutes later . . . .

Steve told me he took the corner into the canal WIDE so I could get a good shot -that's my man! I had my E-M10 set for monotone on the "P" setting and I also got the "Dramatic" Art filter ready, which is what this shot was taken with. It accentuated what was already there and I liked it the best. I am still fascinated with photographing water. View this large for more yummy details of the boat in motion through the water.

Thanks to WestCoast Bob for hosting mono monday. Go there for lots more interpretations!

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