Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

London Life #4

Don't you love it when you can still do firsts?? Today I got taken to the Rooftop Gardens in South Kensington. So glad for the dry sunny day and clear view! Spent a very relaxed few hours taking it all in and then walking around looking at the place. The flamingos were so cool and I love that they have grapevines growing on the walls - just like in Cyprus.

Headed over to the centre of town to look for an Italian restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue. The Entertainer has come to London and this was a place which we reckoned we could find but oh no... someone (whose name is an anagram of GadgetKid) couldn't walk the 15 minutes and wanted a bus ride instead. This slightly delayed things as the bus got caught in traffic.

Walked to Covent Garden which never fails. And the musicians I wanted to see were there - playing their last few songs for their set. They are just awesome. Had fine handmade Italian ice cream from Venchi* - my payback for winning the date game on several occassions, and then watched a really really amusing street performer - who got lots of audience participation and made us laugh till it hurt. SO FUNNY.

Finally started heading back and got home too tired to think about blipping, so here I am... on Tuesday morning.

I hope my blip gives a sense of the day. It's always hard to choose one picture when you've been to London. Don't miss the quote by Eliza Dolittle. :D

* The very switched-on girl behind the counter at Venchi, on hearing I was from Dubai, said in seconds - "Ah, we have a branch there..." and handed me a postcard listing all the Venchi parlours in the world. And they are in Dubai Mall not far from Morelli's! How about that?!! And for the benefit of SweetArt... they are also in HK airport! The staff at Morelli's in Broadstairs didn't even know they had gone international! Employee non-engagement at it's worst I think.

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