... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Canada Goose: Leaping Out

More graceful a goose in large ("L").

I found the little Goosles on Long Pond today! They seem to be being pretty independent, even if they're (regularly) returning to Eagle Pond to irritate Mr...

I took lots of pictures of the 11 mallardlings hopping in to and out of the pond, and the little Goosles and young pair of Egyptian geese too, but this surprisingly elegant Canada goose had to be my blip because it seems so powerful and poised.

Other shots:
Goosles (and other geese) evade a dog
Shaking dry: from behind & from the side
Jumping/flapping out: 1 & 2

Mallardlings and others: (right from here)
Bendy mallardling
Flumping out

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