A time for everything

By turnx3

Snow Day (again)!

Today was one of those days when I'm so glad I didnt have to go out to work, as it was a messy morning commute. Fortunately, Roger fared pretty well, but it was a different story for traffic going south into downtown Cincinnati on the I-75, as a tractor-trailer jack-knifed, blocking the road. All the schools were closed of course - you had a long wait if you were waiting to see your school on the scrolling list at the bottome of the TV screen - it was a looong list! The snow continued most of the day - it was fine snow so it was somewhat slow to accumulate, but we finished up with about 7 or 8 inches when all said and done. It almost stopped at one point late afternoon, so I got out and shoveled the driveway - it was also one of those days when I wished we had a snow-blower! We were supposed to be out at church in the evening, singing with the choir at the Presbytery meeting, but it was cancelled. At least I'm getting lots of knitting done in this snowy weather!

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