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Lots more around Istanbul

Went to the Blue Mosque this am but it was closed to non Muslims until after Friday prayers. So we went to the Grand Bazaar instead. That has become more of a tourist trap than it was 7 years ago! It rained so we stayed in the GB but avoided making any purchases. We did however make lots of new friends who, strangely, all had family living in Scotland!!!!
After lunch we made our way up hill to the Suliemaniye Mosque. We were excluded for some considerable time because of a visit by the Prime Minister. Not the most popular of chaps, apparently, hence the extensive security around him. I guess at least 200 uniformed and plain clothed Polis were deployed to guard him and his extended family of hingersoan.
Once we were allowed in we could see why this is considered to be one of the top 3 mosques, architecturally.
Next, we tramed it up the west side of the Bosphorous then scaled the heights up to Taksim Square. SFA happening there hence we walked back down to Galata Bridge, a meal and retiral.
Oh, I nearly forgot, being Friday we had a short stop for refreshments half way back down to the Galata. Also, I bought a watch, surprise, surprise. Didn't work so I took it back. New battery provided but that was a failure. To be expected I suppose, @ £4.50. Got my money back, and bought another one at a different stall, for only £3.00. Time will tell.
Hope the collage illustrates today's wanderings adequately.
Feet & calves (calf's?) knackered after about twelve hours on the hoof.

Time for bed said Zebedee.

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