... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Entrance/Exit

More satisfying stonework terracotta tiles in large ("L").

I went to visit the Goosles this morning before work, and they were looking absolutely stunning in the bright morning sunshine: they were (often) backlit, rimlit and casting long shadows... Hum, I was so tempted to blip them, but today was my last day at the NHM for the near future (I'm heading back to Oxford early next week...) so it had to be an NHM shot. This is the main entrance as seen from the central hall, and I kept it classic (with architectural detail, symmetry, & bleach bypass).

I put some glorious(-looking) Goosle shots on my Flickr (right from Backlit Preening).
Mrs. Flapping is my blip alternative, but Mrs. Yawning and Mrs. Sneaking (with Mr. looking livid) were also close runners-up...

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