conscious movement

Twice a month on Sunday I am blessed to move consciously and dance, to my hearts content! However I feel that day, I am encouraged to express myself creatively, via my roots of dance. Growing up, my parents brought me to modern dance classes weekly for many years. I had a wonderful teacher who inspired her students to think out of the box, Truda Kaschmann. She shaped me as a creative thinker. We did a lot of improvisation and many performances and I am forever grateful.

Sometimes when I go to conscious movement I will take a few quiet photos so not to disturb anyone, very inconspicuously. What I like to do best with the photos is to take a few into photoshop, layer them and tweak the attributes until I find something I like. It is creative play for me! I am often surprised what I come up with. View a few other blips of this movement practice here.

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