A real beauty

I had a busy day at work today, but I coped quite well despite still being a bit spaced out and dizzy. However it was quite blustery by the time I got home so I didn't have a lot of opportunity to go blip hunting , so instead I decided to blip you another lovely moth, but not just any moth ........but a Green-Brindled crescent moth...a moth I have coveted for a long time!
In my teens when I ran my first moth trap I had a list in my head of moths I really hoped I would catch, and this beauty with it's powdering of irridescent green scales was really near the top! Despite this however it has taken me over 40 years to achieve my goal!
The Green-brindled crescent (Allophyes oxacanthae), is listed as fairly common throughout much of Britain. Superficially it appears to be dull brown in colour, but in the right light you can see patches of metallic green scales which give it an attractive sheen.
It has a wingspan of between 35 and 45mm, and flies from September to November.
Well worth waiting 40 years for I think!

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