A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Wires Handle Drip Flood PVR Dies Relax

Multiple things. We've friends coming this weekend so getting on with doing things like clearing the lounge and moving the TV to the Space (see yesterday). Tied in with this was the Great Reconnection of the obscenely complicated wiring between PVR, DVD, TV, Amp, XBox, Speakers, blah, deblah.

One mystery early on was that the PVR was reporting 'no signal' on the same lead the TV was happy showing a picture on. No matter, must be a setting somewhere...

We've more guests on Monday and I'd promised to add a grab handle to the shower. That fitted without much hassle other than finding that particular wall is made out of cereal packets and candy floss.

Yes, it was pink and fluffy inside.

Anyway, fitting that I noted the bath was damp. Found the corresponding drip. Tightened it. Got two drips. Added PTFE tape. Got quite a jet.

Called the plumber.

DIY pride is one thing but not appropriate when guests are moving in in the morning.

Plumber agreed about the general build quality. "...but the pipes don't line up.". Yep.

Back to the TV knitting. Convinced now that the tuner on the PVR died somewhere between the lounge and the TV room. Irritating of it.

E pointed out the light on the Cotswolds from the upstairs bedrooms, so that's what you got. They say of Cambridgeshire (usually out of apology) that the skies are nice.

They're not so bad here, either.

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