'The Paper Crossbow'

The entire day was spent at home without leaving once. Aaaahhh, bliss.

Although it might have been a bit more peaceful if one little boy had decided to cooperate and show a little bit of respect to the rest of his family. He's well and truly used up his half an hour screen time allowance by 8:30 this morning and was therefore banned for the rest of the day. He didn't think it was fair because he finds it impossible to keep track of the time. Exactly our point.

We had to think of other ways to keep his brain occupied otherwise we'd all be paying for it for the rest of the day. We ended up making this little crossbow completely out of paper, icy pole sticks, a piece of string and sticky tape, although we're having a little trouble with the trigger at the moment and needing to do some fine tuning.

Ms Mun put together a really beautiful plate of antipasto before dinner tonight and we opened up the first bottle of her latest lager brew. Bloody beautiful, all of it and finished off later by a very nice beef stroganoff.

I'm in charge of the kids tomorrow as MsMun is going in to work for the day. I have a special treat in mind for them both.

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