settling in . . .

Our dog Asia is truly so very patient and tolerant! She does not seem threatened by our new furry bundle of Lightning at all. I had taken lots of photos today, but when Steven took this one tonight and shared it with me, that was the one I wanted on my blipfoto journal. Lightning agrees ^. .^

Florida Light & Power sent a special tree trimming truck and team of men to make sure none of the tall branches were anywhere near the utility wires on our street today. I was going out for a walk with my camera anyway, but ended up taking a ton of photos of the tree man in a "basket" cutting the limbs down. They did a great job and even cleaned up the huge amount of branches that were felled. I have put just 4 photos here if you'd like to check out the tree work. I used an in-camera filter. Take care, I'm back to snuggling!

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