A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

New Routine

The first thing to cross off my to-do list was a trip to the dentist to see what is causing my wisdom teeth so much pain. I went in expecting to leave minus a tooth, however, it turns out that I have an infected gum which has spread to my tooth, so after some antibiotics, the above (with warm salt water rinses) are my new daily routine for the next week or two until it all disappears and my mouth is a happy place again.

Lunch time as soon as I got home, then a little nap which was completely unintentional (I was essay writing and dosed off with laptop on my knee). An episode of House, dinner made by mum which was nice not having to cook. Phone call with Rory, who'd been swimming after work, whilst he made his dinner, finishing my essay, another phone call to Rory and then a chat with Mum and Kirsty!

I promise a more exciting photo tomorrow, I forgot to take a blip until 11.45pm...woops!

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